About Me

Ashwin S

I love Computer Science, Mathematics and technology. Between my career and my free time, it wouldn't be unfair to say that these three interests take most of my time. Rest of the time you might catch me playing table tennis, video games, swimming, watching movies or socializing with friends.


sample-image I currently work for a cool software company called Riverbed. I started off working with OPNET (now Riverbed) in 2007 and have designed & developed various features on more than 3 different products spanning areas of network modelling and application performance.

Prior to OPNET, I was in grad school at Stony Brook where I got my graduate degree in Computer Science while also being a research Assistant to prof. Steven Skiena.

Prior to Stony Brook, I went to RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.

More history..

Far far east, after crossing the Atlantic ocean and the Arabian sea, there is a beautiful tropical state Kerala where my parents live and practice medicine and that is where I am originally from.


I have deliberated on many things. Few people had told me that living in a different country/ culture can change many things including your world view. I can attest to that from my personal experience.

Understand what constitutes a sound argument vs what constitutes a logical fallacy here.